Chennai Storytelling Festival

Founded in 2013

Upcoming: 7th Edition, Feb 2019



7th edition

Chennai Storytelling Festival 2019 (Fri 1 to Sun 10 Feb 2019) ,

"Both Real and Virtual". 


CSF 2019 would involve,


1) The making of high-quality audio-video recordings of storytelling performances (with studio audiences).


2) Workshops that could be joined via videoconference.


3) Webcasts of selected events.


As usual, CSF 2019 would concern "Storytelling for Creativity and Fun, Teaching, Training, and Healing"; and "Stories about Strong and Clever Girls and Women" would especially be encouraged.


       CSF 2019 would also celebrate "Ways the Dravidian Movement Uses Stories".  The Dravidian Movement is a social / political / human rights / cultural movement that has used story -- in oratory, print, cinema, and other media -- like no other such movement in the history of the world.

       For examples: Thiru Annadurai and Thiru Karunanidhi wrote scripts of commercial movies that promoted the Movement. Smt Jayalalithaa wrote short stories and novels that addressed social issues.

       One CSF 2019 event would occur on the morning of Sunday 3 Feb, at 7:30am, when participants would meet at the Kannagi statue on Marina Beach.  There would then be brief dramatic enactments -- in Tamil, and in English -- of six statues on the Beach: Kannagi, NSC Bose, Thiruvalluvar, George Pope, Bharathidasan, and Avvaiyar. 

       These statues were put in place in 1968 by leaders of the Dravidian Movement.  Some of these characters -- especially perhaps Kannagi and Avvaiyar -- are examples of historical / legendary characters used by the Dravidian Movement to define itself and its vision of Tamil culture.  Bharathidasan was a writer who expressed ideas of the Movement including through poetry, and lyrics for cinema songs.  

       This would be the 11th annual such Heritage Walk.  Photos of the 2017 Walk are here.  Written versions of the speeches of the characters are here.




6th edition

Chennai Storytelling Festival 2018 (Fri 2 - Sun 11 Feb 2018),

"Storytelling for Teaching, Training, and Healing".


The first seven days of the Festival occurred at various locations around Chennai.  The final three days occurred at Loyola College.


Festival schedule (all 10 days),


Festival poster,


Festival @ Loyola College (9-11 Feb) brochure,



Festival performances on Fri 9, Sat 10, and Sun 11 Feb,


Festival workshops for adults on Sat 10 and Sun 11 Feb, - b




Photos of some the evening Performances are at,




The Festival Videoconference occurred on Tues 6 Feb 2018. 

A link to the recording is in the top listing at .


Links to 8 Newspaper (and other Media) articles about CSF 2018 are at .




Johan Liedgren's Festival Valedictory Address, "A Hippocratic Oath for Storyterllers", is at .





5th edition

Chennai Storytelling Festival 2017,

"Stories, and Styles of Storytelling, from Many Lands."


This was the 5th annual edition of the Festival

(3-12 Feb 2017).


The Poster is here.

Additional info is here.




4th edition

Chennai Storytelling Festival 2016,

"Storytelling for Communication" between cultures,

between people, and within people,


This was the 4th annual edition of the Festival

(5-14 Feb 2016).


The Poster is here.

Additional info is here.




3rd edition

Chennai Storytelling Festival 2015,

"Storytelling for Teaching and Training."


This was the 3rd annual edition of the Festival

(4-15 Feb 2015).


The Poster is here.

Additional info is here.




2nd edition

Chennai Storytelling Festival 2014,

"Storytelling and Healing."


This was the 2nd annual edition of the Festival

(7-9 Feb 2014).


The Poster is here.

Additional info is here.




1st edition

Chennai Storytelling Festival 2013,

"Teaching-and-Learning about Storytelling."


This was the 1st annual edition of the Festival

(1-3 Feb 2013).


The Poster is here.

Additional info is here.





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The Chennai Storytelling Festival

was founded, and is primarily presented,

by the World Storytelling Institute.