Indian Institute of Psychodrama




A Two-day

Psychodrama Workshop

in New Delhi



Dates and Times:  December 2013.

Sat 21, 9am-4pm.

Sun 22, 9am-3pm.


Venue: Karmic Research Centre, S-186, Greater Kailash Part II, New Delhi 110 048.


Fee: Please call.


For additional info and to register: +91 98403 94282.




Introduction to Psychodrama


Psychodrama is a creative way of exploring the world of individuals, families and organisations using action methods and spontaneous drama. It is an enlivening framework in which the use of the imagination is central.


Psychodrama is an experiential group work method based on the principals of Dr J. L. Moreno (1889-1974).  Psychodrama has been the basis of many theories and practices of group work since 1923, particularly role theory.  It has applications in a variety of settings.  Psychodrama is an action method and involves the use of dramatic enactment to explore themes, events and stories in our lives.


This meeting will provide an introduction to the use of core principals and techniques of Psychodrama including role theory, sociometry and sociodrama.  It is suited for people working or studying in a variety of fields such as health, education, organisational development, the creative arts and pastoral care.  Learning will be experiential, based on the interests and concerns of the participants, who can expect significant personal and professional growth.  Participants can expect to enjoy themselves as well as learn about this creative and positive method, which has relevance in work and in everyday relationships.


Life provides many positive challenges and possibilities, which are ours if we have the courage to take them.  This two-day experience sharing workshop will also assist those who want to develop greater strength, vitality and more effective relationships with themselves and others.




About the Trainer, Ms Sue Daniel


Ms Sue Daniel, BA, DipT, MApS, TEP is a psychodramatist and psychotherapist in private practice in Melbourne, Australia. She is the Director of the Psychodrama Institute of Melbourne and a Visiting Professor at the Muroran Institute of Technology, Hokkaido, Japan.  Sue is the founder of the Moreno Psychodrama Society and Chairperson of the Australian and Aotearoa (New Zealand) Board of Psychodrama.  She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy and Principal Trainer at the Indian Institute of Psychodrama, based in Chennai.  She is an international trainer, educator and practitioner who conducts workshops and educational seminars in communities, institutes and organizations worldwide.  Sue’s writing on psychodrama has been published in books and journals.






Each participant would receive two Certificates: one from the Indian Institute of Psychodrama, and one from the Psychodrama Institute of Melbourne.   




For further information please contact:


98403 94282


Thank you!