The 1st Annual Chennai Storytelling Festival


Chennai Storytelling Festival 2013 --

Teaching and Learning about Storytelling.


1-3 February 2013


1) The Festival Poster (with Workshop schedule) is here.

2) The Festival Brochure is here.

3) The Festival Announcement is here.

4) Additional Festival details are here.

5) Info about the Storytelling Performance on Fri 1 Feb is here.

6) Info about the Post-Festival Field-trip to Thanjavur is here.



Articles relating to the Festival:

1) "The Tale Trail",  Indian Express.

2) "Nurturing the Art of Spinning a Yarn",  The Hindu.

3) "Pictures in Your Mind",  Deccan Chronicle.

4) "How to Spin a Yarn",  Deccan Chronicle.

5) "Telling Tales",  Indian Express.


Articles relating to the Post-Festival Field-trip to Thanjavur:

1) "Timeless Tales",  The Hindu.

2) "Thanjavur Tales,  Made in Chennai",  Indian Express.

3) "Is Indian Storytelling a Dying Art?",  BBC Online.

4) "Indian Storytellers Struggle to Keep Traditon Alive",

Deutsche Welle (an international news service based in Germany).





The Chennai Storytelling Festival

is presented by the World Storytelling Institute.



Info about Chennai Storytelling Festival 2014 (7-9 February),

Storytelling and Healing, is here.


The theme of Chennai Storytelling Festival 2015 (ten days -- Friday 6 to Sunday 15 February) would be Storytelling for Teaching and Training.