The 2nd Annual Chennai Storytelling Festival


Chennai Storytelling Festival 2014 --

Storytelling and Healing

(Storytelling as a Healing Art,

Therapeutic Uses of Storytelling,

Storytelling Therapy)


7-9 February 2014


1) The Festival Poster (with Workshop schedule) is here.

2) Additional info about the Festival is here.

3) A letter about the Festival addressed to Hospital Administrators is here.

4) Festival Photos are here.

5) Links to recordings of webcasts of Festival Workshops (some featuring videoconferences) are here.



Articles relating to the Festival:

1) "The Chennai Storytelling Festival", Le Petit Chennai (online newsletter in French), Jan 2014.  An English translation of the article is here.

2) "Exploring the Gamut of Storytelling", Deccan Chronicle, 5 Feb 2014.

3) "Once Upon a Time...Therapy?",  Indian Express, 5 Feb 2014. 

4) "Storytelling Festival to Show Healing Power in Old Raja-Rani Tales", Times of India, 7 Feb 2014.

5) "And They Lived Happily Ever After", The Hindu, 14 Feb 2014.

6) "Who's the Hero of this Narrative?", The Hindu, 9 March 2014. 





On 6 Jan 2014, there was a Pre-Conference Videoconference on Storytelling and Healing.  Info about, and a link to a recording of, this videoconference is here.





The Chennai Storytelling Festival

is presented by the World Storytelling Institute.



Info about Chennai Storytelling Festival 2013, Teaching-and-Learning about Storytelling, is here.


The theme of Chennai Storytelling Festival 2015 (ten days -- Friday 6 to Sunday 15 February) would be Storytelling for Teaching and Training.