World Storytelling Institute




Creative Writing and Storytelling

Workshop for Teenagers


Sundays, 3pm to 4:30pm.


The Workshop's Introductory session has occurred,

but people could still join.  If interested, please call 98403 94282.



1)  17 June 2018.

2)  24 June.

3)  1 July.

4)  8 July.

5)  15 July.

6)  22 July.

7)  29 July.

8)  5 Aug.

9)  12 Aug.

10)  19 Aug.



World Storytelling Institute Workshop Space,
No. 14, Second Ave, Harrington Road, Chetpet.

On Harrington Road, at "French Loaf" turn onto Second Ave.  No 14 is near the end of Second Ave, on one's right.



Rs 5,000 for the ten 90-minute sessions.


Participants are welcome to attend the 2nd session on Sun 24 July (for Rs 500), and then decide regarding joining the balance of the Workshop (an additional 8 sessions for an additional Rs 4,000).    


Workshop leader

Dr Eric Miller (PhD in Folklore), Director, World Storytelling Institute (an NGO registered in Chennai in 2008).

Dr Eric has taught a course in Creative Writing at the IIT-Madras.  He has taught courses in Literature, Communication, and Performance at three colleges in NYC, and at three colleges in Chennai.  His CV is here, and his Life Narrative is here.

His personal website is .

The World Storytelling Institute's website is .



Workshop description


This is a Workshop in Creative Writing (Plays, Short Stories, and Poetry) and Performance.  Some of the participants might Tell, Act, Dance, and/or Sing the Plays, Stories, and Poetry (Songs) they might write.


Storytelling is one type of performance that Workshop participants might engage in.  Storytelling is a form of Public Speaking that may also at times involve Acting (when one acts-out characters).


This Workshop would focus on discovering and/or creating characters from within one's self (from within one's personality, one's unconscious), as well as on working with favourite characters from grandmother stories, history, etc.


In Storytelling performance, participants would use voice modulation and body language to express these characters, around whom stories would be woven.


This would be

1) A Story Composition Workshop,

2) A Story Writing Workshop,

3) A Storytelling Workshop, and

4) An Acting Workshop.


Also included in the Workshop would be

Tips for,

1) Effective Study Skills.

2) Writing Research Essays.




Workshop topics would include:

1)  Reasons to do Creative Writing.

2)  Regarding Stories.

3)  Story-composing Activities.

4)  Study Skills.

5)  Writing Research Essays.




The participants would read / perform for family and friends on the final session of the Workshop (Sun 19 Aug).  



For additional info and to register:

98403 94282