World Storytelling Institute




Storytelling-theatre Workshop

for Children (6 to 12 years old)



Dates and Timing for the June-Sept 2018 Term

Saturdays, 3pm - 4:30pm.  12 sessions.

1)  16 June.

2)  23 June.

3)  30 June.

4)  7 July.

5)  14 July.

6)  21 July.

7)  28 July.

8)  4 Aug.

9)  11 Aug.

10)  18 Aug.

11)  25 Aug.

12)  1 Sept.


Workshop Fee

The fee for the 12 sessions is Rs 4,200.  This comes to Rs 350 per session.  Children are welcome to attend the session on Sat 16 June 2018, 3pm-4:30pm, as a sample (for a fee of Rs 350).  After this session, they could decide regarding joining for the balance of the Term (an additional 11 sessions, for an additional Rs 3,850).


The younger children would be coached to tell Animal fables (such as Panchatantra stories, Jataka tales, and Aesop's fables), Fairytales, and other kinds of Folktales.


The older children would be coached to compose and perform their own original stories and plays.  We specialise in "musical-dance storytelling-theatre."


In the Term's final session, the Workshop participants would give performances for family and friends. 


Some photos taken during the final sessions of previous terms of this Workshop are here. 


Workshop Venue

14, 2nd Ave, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai. 

(On Harrington Road, turn at French Loaf onto 2nd Ave. 

We are near the end of 2nd Ave on one's right.)


Workshop Instructor

Ms Pretigaya Haran.  Bio-data is here.


A flier about the Workshop is here.


For additional info and to register, please contact,


Workshop Coordinator

Dr Eric Miller.  Bio-data is here.

Director, World Storytelling Institute


For inquiries and to register:

98403 94282




Storytelling is a form of Public Speaking that also at times may involve Acting (when one acts-out characters).


This Workshop would help young people to improve their abilities to express their thoughts and feelings in eloquent, articulate, organised, and effective ways.


"Storytelling-theatre" involves,

1) Solo storytelling. 

2) Team storytelling. 

3) A narrator, and actors, performing skits.