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"A Young People's Storytelling-Theatre

Workshop and Production"


Saturdays, July to November 2019.

Approx 20 sessions, and

then a performance in a theatre.


The Workshop would occur at a

location on Harrington Road, Chetpet.


For the Workshop fee, please enquire.


The Workshop poster is here.




Section for Teenagers --

Timing: 4pm-5:30pm (Saturdays).

Instructor: Dr Eric Miller, 98403 94282,


Section for Children --

Timing: 3:30pm-4pm (Saturdays).


Ms Sheetal N, 98400 91290,


Ms Pretigaya Haran, 80560 51247




Regarding the Section for Teenagers --




Teenagers are welcome to attend a sample

session, and then decide regarding joining

the balance of the Workshop.




This Workshop would involve writing,

telling, and acting both original stories

and adaptations of some famous stories.


Teenage participants would create a number

of stories and dramas that they would tell

and/or act-out in a final performance.




Message for Teenagers --


Dear Teenager,


Are you sometimes scared about what

people might think of your opinions?


Do you "stay in your shell" much of the



Are you ready to find and express the

real you?


Have you ever asked yourself what you

might like to say to the public?


In this Workshop you would be coached in,


1) Story Composition (finding and developing

ideas, themes, and characters from within

your self,  and organising this material into

beautiful and interesting forms of storytelling

and theatre).  You and your batchmates could

play the roles of characters you have imagined,

breathing life into your creations.


2) Creative Writing (plays and short stories).


3) Storytelling (using voice and body to

communicate stories).


4) Public Speaking (being confident, clear,

and able to express various ideas and



5) Acting / the Art of Theatre (acting-out

plays in teams).


In this Workshop, you could

* Discover, explore, and express aspects

of your self.

* Develop your creative and logical

thinking, speaking, and writing abilities.

* Develop your interpersonal skills.

* Experience the joy of speaking, listening,

sharing your thoughts, debating, and

expressing your thoughts and feelings.

* Develop your own originality and even

trends, while bonding with others and

making good memories.




Message for Parents --


Dear Parents,


This Storytelling-theatre Workshop is

designed to help teenagers to:


Organise their thoughts.


Think on their own, instead of copying

others' ideas.


Think on their feet.


Overcome shyness when speaking before

an audience, and gain confidence in their

public-speaking abilities.


Captivate their audience, both emotionally

and intellectually.


Arrest and hold their listeners' attentions

as they paint pictures with words and gestures,

and weave unforgettable tales about moving

situations and thrilling adventures.


Practice and improve their English language

speaking and listening abilities.


Become more articulate and aware of their

thoughts and feelings, and be more able to

discuss them.


Develop their imagination, creativity,

resourcefulness, and expressiveness.


Become more aware of the mechanics

and details of story structure and dramatic



Adolescence, the teen years, is the time

for beginning to establish one's personal

and professional identity.  This period need

not be a time of isolation, and anxiety for

the young person.  It could be a time of

sharing, of giving and receiving support

and helpful communication, during which

the teenagers could talk with others who

might be going through similar experiences.


Sometimes teenagers do not talk with

their parents very much.  This Workshop

is designed to help teenagers to talk

more about their thoughts, feelings,

fears, hopes, and dreams -- including

with you, their parents.


The Workshop process would help to

draw out the teenagers, and give them

chances to experience the joy and

satisfaction of speaking and being



This Workshop would help teenagers

to find their selves, and their "voices" --

as speakers, writers, artists, performers,

and human beings.  Workshop participants

would not have to worry about being judged

regarding their feelings, opinions, and ideas.


The Workshop would help participants

develop into mature individuals.





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