Chennai Storytelling Festival 2014


Storytelling Performance Schedule


7 Friday, 8 Saturday, and 9 Sunday

February 2014,

5:30-7pm daily


For Children and Adults



Friday 7 February, at 5:30pm.

Location: Asha Nivas (No 9, Rutland Gate 5th St.).

1) Jeeva Raghunath (HOST).

2) Sandhya Ruban.

3) Susan Perrow (from Australia).

4) Geeta Ramanujam (from Bangalore).

5) Ameen Haque (from Bangalore).


Saturday 8 February, at 5:30pm.

Location: Goethe Institute (No 4, Rutland Gate 5th St.).

1) Jeeva Raghunath (HOST).

2) Deepa Kiran (from Hyderabad)

3) Sowmya Srinivasan (from Bangalore).

4) Aparna Athreya (from Bangalore).

5) Asha Sampath.


Sunday 9 February, at 5:30pm.

Location: Goethe Institute.

Eric Miller (from the USA) (HOST).

1) Vasugi Ram Manohar.

2) Lavanya Srinivas.

3) Sudha Umashankar.

4) Uma Balu.

5) Kavitha Thyagarajan.

6) Debjani Bhaduri.



The Admission fee is Rs 150 per person per evening.  Admission for all three evenings is Rs 400.  Payable at the door.  No reservations or advance sales.


Contact: 98403 94282,




The Storytellers' organisations and websites are:



Jeeva Raghunath, .


Sandhya Ruban, Eloquens, .


Susan Perrow, .


Geeta Ramanujam, Kathalaya, .


Ameen Haque, The Storywallahs, .




Deepa Kiran, .


Sowmya Srinivasan, .


Aparna Athreya, .


Asha Sampath, Tale Spin,




Eric Miller, World Storytelling Institute, .


Vasugi Ram Manohar, Madras Story Works, .


Lavanya Srinivas, Kathakamamishu, .


Sudha Umashankar, .


Uma Balu, .


Kavitha Thyagarajan, Once Upon A Time, .


Debjani Bhaduri, Once Upon A Time, .




The stories told on these evenings might relate to themes such as healing, growing, maturing, learning, and transforming.  (The theme of CSF 2014 is "Storytelling and Healing".)


A variety of types of stories would be told, including Animal Fables (such as Panchatantra Tales), Fairy Tales (Western, Indian, and other), Episodes of Epics, Personal-experience Stories, and Original Created Stories.


There might be some singing in the course of the storytelling.







For Teenagers and Adults:


If you might like to attend any or all of the FREE Workshops in the three days of Chennai Storytelling Festival 2014, please send an e-mail.


The CSF 2014 Poster is here.


Additional info about CSF 2014 is here.







Contact: 98403 94282,