Welcome to the webpage for a Videoconference-webcast that was a part of Chennai Storytelling

Festival 2016 !



To see-and-hear a recording of the videoconference (68 minutes), please click here .


This event occurred on Tues 9 Feb 2016, beginning

4:30am, Hawaii.

6:30am, USA West Coast.

7:30am, USA Mountain.

8:30am, USA Central.

9:30am, USA East Coast.

2:30pm, London.

5:30pm, Nairobi.

8pm, india.

10:30pm, Singapore. 

11:30pm, Tokyo.

1:30am (Wed 10 Feb), Sydney.



A Videoconference-webcast is a videoconference that is streamed live on the Internet, enabling people to see-and-hear the conversation.


This Videoconference-webcast was co-hosted in Chennai by Ruth Stotter (of California) and Eric Miller (of New York City).


They were joined by 1) Alvin Rajah, 2) Asha Sampath, and 3) Chithra Ramachandran in Chennai; and 4) Chetna Mehrotra and 5) Marina Granlund (of Sweden) in Mumbai.


Two themes of Chennai Storytelling Festival 2016 (and this videoconference) are:

A) Storytelling relating to the Big Rain of Nov/Dec 2015 (in Chennai and vicinity), and

B) Storytelling for Communication between cultures, between people, and within people. Including topics such as -- Travel.  Tourism.  Translation.  "Journey" and "Path" as metaphors for life.  Visiting other lands and worlds. Discovery and Exploration of the other, and of the self.



For this event, we used the "Google Hangout" videoconference program -- with the "On Air" option for the webcast.  To learn how to initiate this kind of videoconference, please click here.  To join such a videoconference for the first time, please click here.



Please e-mail any comments and questions about this event to Eric at eric@storytellinginstitute.org .



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