Chennai Storytelling Festival 2017

Fri 3 to Sun 12 February


This was the 5th edition of the Festival !



Festival Schedule


Festival Poster 





Storytelling Performances --


A Performance by Regina Ress :

"She was not Afraid: Stories of Brave and Wise Women and Goddesses". 


5 Group Programs.

The Schedule of performers is here.

The Poster concerning performances is here.


Photos of some of the CSF 2017 Storytelling Performances are at,






The Festival's webcasted-videoconference was hosted by Regina Ress and Eric Miller in Chennai.  This was


"A Discussion about

1) Storytelling in the World Today,

2) Storytelling for Teaching-and-learning, and

3) Therapeutic Uses of Storytelling."


A link to the recording of this videoconference is here .




Storytelling Workshops for College Students

on Fri 10 Feb.  Free admission.


Storytelling Workshops for Adults

on Sat 11, and Sun 12 Feb.

The Poster concerning these workshops is here.


These events occurred at Dr MGR-Janaki College, in R A Puram.




For additional info:

98403 94282




The themes of CSF 2017 were:

1) "Stories, and Storytelling Styles, from Many Lands".

2) "Stories about Strong and Clever Girls and Women".

3) "Finding One's Voice -- as a Storyteller, a Public Speaker,

a Writer, and as a Person in General".

4) "Using Storytelling (and other Arts) to Teach Across the Curriculum, Especially Regarding Languages, and Reading and Writing"


Info about CSF 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 is here.


The Chennai Storytelling Festival is presented by the World Storytelling Institute (an NGO registered in Chennai), in collaboration with Chennai Storytellers and other organisations and individuals.