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Chennai Storytelling Festival 2017



Storytelling Workshops

for College Students

on Fri 10 Feb



Dear College Students of Chennai,


Greetings!  You are cordially invited to a day of Storytelling Workshops!


Venue:  Dr MGR-Janaki College, R A Puram.


Day and Time: Friday 10 Feb, 9:30am-4pm. 

(Morning Workshop, 10am-12:30pm. 

Afternoon Workshop, 1:30pm-4pm.)


Storytelling could be useful for improving Communication Skills, Personal Development, Job Interviews, Public Speaking, and Logical and Creative Thinking and Expression.


This Program might be especially interesting to Students in the disciplines of Literature, Theatre, Education, Psychology, Management, Sociology, Anthropology, and History.


In each time-slot, the various Workshops would occur simultaneously, in different rooms.  There would be a maximum of 20 participants in each Workshop (or Workshop section).


Admission is Free.  Pre-Registration is required.  (There is a Rs 50 Registration fee per Student, which could be given on the spot.)


To Register:  98403 94283 , .






Fri 10 Feb



Welcome (Theatre Block).






"Introductory Storytelling Workshop"

Topics would include: Effective ways of narrating events (a form of Public Speaking) and enacting characters (a form of Acting); and identifying and performing Turning Points in stories.  Additional notes about this Workshop are here .


Sections of the Workshop would be conducted by:


1) Ambujavalli N (Ambuja) and Suriya Lakshmi.


2) H Banumathy (Banu).


3) Debjani Bhaduri.


4) Deepa Kiran (from Hyderabad).


5) Dharithri Krishnamurthy (from Pune).


6) M Pandiarajan.


7) Priti Sudarsan.


8) Sandhya Ruban.


9) Seema Wahi Mukherjee (from Gurgaon).


10) K Shanmugasundaram (Shan).






Lunch.  (Veg meals could be purchased.)






"Specialised Storytelling Workshops".

(Participants would choose one.)     



1) Aparna Athreya (from Bangalore)

Finding and Crafting Stories of One's Identity and Self.


2) Arun Oliver,

The Three-Act Structure for Composing Stories.


3) K G Guna (from Dubai), What Awaits You Out There...” After You Graduate: Using Storytelling to Help Recognise, Face, and Overcome the Challenges.


4) Lavanya Prasad (from Bangalore), Storytelling and Leadership.


5) Mohan Krishnan,

Using Figures of Speech in Storytelling.


6) Regina Ress (from NYC),

Using Storytelling, Song, and Movement to Teach English Language.


7) K Shanmugasundaram (Shan),

Using Storytelling to Develop Creativity and Teach-and-learn.


8) Srividya V,

Using Storytelling with Lively Expression, and with Characters, to Teach any Subject.


9) Tuaratini (from Cook Islands and New Zealand),

From the Pacific Ocean Region: Moana Pacific Storytelling through Traditional Forms of Speech, Song, Movement, and Dance.





Closing Words and Awarding of Certificates (Theatre Block).








Storytelling Program (Theatre Block).

8 Storytellers.

For people of all ages.

Admission is Rs 200.

Details are here.





Contact:  98403 94282,