Dr MGR-Janaki College and World Storytelling Institute


as part of Chennai Storytelling Festival 2017,



Seminar on

"Ways of Using Storytelling

(and Singing and Movement)

to Teach-and-learn the English Language"



Day and Time:  Thursday 9th February, 9:30am-12:15pm.


Location:  Dr MGR-Janaki College, Theatre Block.


Seminar format:  Each Presenter would introduce and demonstrate a method of using storytelling (and/or other arts) for teaching-and-learning spoken and/or written English. 


This Seminar might be especially interesting to people who wish to improve their own English language abilities, as well as to those who teach, or might in the future teach, the English language (or any other language) to others.



Seminar Program


Seminar Chair:  Dr Eric Miller, World Storytelling Institute.



Welcome and Introduction: 

Keynote Address by Ms Regina Ress.


1) 9:45am-10:10am.

Ms Regina Ress.

Faculty at New York University, New York City.

Method: "The instructor would lead the group in telling a folktale, using call-and-response".


2) 10:10am-10:35am.

Mr Daniel Joseph.

Managing Director, Virginia Academy of Training and Development, Pallavaram, Chennai.

Method: "Complete the story with homonyms, homophones, and homographs".


3) 10:35am-11am.

Ms Deepa Kiran.

Founder-Director of Story Arts India, Hyderabad.

Method: "Using sound and sound effects to introduce verbs".


4) 11am-11:25am.

Ms Lavanya Srinivas.

Founder-Director of Katha Kamamishu, Adyar, Chennai.

Method: "Using spoken poetry to teach English".


5) 11:25am-11:50am.

Dr Gita Jangid.

PhD from the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad.

Method: "Story reading assisted by audio recordings for language development".


6) 11:50am-12:10pm.

Dr Eric Miller.

Founder-Director of World Storytelling Institute, Nungambakkam, Chennai.

Method: "Using spoken word-play, and telling an audience-participation story, to teach English".



Valediction and Conclusion by Dr Eric Miller






About the Presenters --




Ms Regina Ress is a Storyteller, Actor, Author, and Educator.


Ms Regina has taught the course, "Uses of Storytelling in the Classroom", in New York University's Educational Theatre Program since 2002.


She has taught courses involving, "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages" (TESOL), and "English as Second Language" (ESL), in New York University's Dept of Teaching-and-Learning since 2009.  She has taught ESL to adult immigrants in NYC (USA), and "English as a Foreign Language" (EFL) to foreign students at Santa Fe University of Art and Design (New Mexico, USA).


Ms Regina has been a Professional Storyteller for 25 years, and is the Producer of the "Storytelling at the Provincetown Playhouse" (an NYU project, in NYC).


Ms Regina's bio-data is at

http://storytellinginstitute.org/1718.html#RR .


Her websites are http://reginaress.com and

https://www.facebook.com/ReginaRessStoryteller?ref=hl .


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Mr Daniel Joseph is the Managing Director of Virginia Academy of Training and Development (VATD), Pallavaram, Chennai (just south of Chennai airport). 


VATD is an English Language Institute founded to cater to the English language needs of people in India.  VATD provides English Language training to a number of schools, conducting English as a Second Language (ESL) programs for students, using innovative and creative fun-filled activities such as Storytelling, Theatre, Mime, Puppetry, and Arts and Crafts, to help children develop their language abilities. 


Mr Daniel is a certified "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages" (TESOL) instructor. 


Mr Daniel's bio-data is at http://indianstorytellingnetwork.org/Chennai.html#Daniel .


VATD's websites are

https://www.facebook.com/virginiaacademytd and

http://virginiaacademy.in .


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Ms Deepa Kiran is the Founder-Director of Story Arts India, which is based in Hyderabad.


Ms Deepa is a Professional Storyteller, Writer, and Educator engaged with employing story-arts as a pedagogical intervention, deeply impacting both the learner and the teacher.  She has conducted teacher-training workshops and musical-storytelling performances across India and in other countries.


Ms Deepa's bio-data is at

http://indianstorytellingnetwork.org/Hyderabad.html#Deepa . 


Her personal website is http://deepakiran.in .


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Ms Lavanya Srinivas is thee Founder-Director of Katha Kamamishu, which is based in Adyar, Chennai.


Ms Lavanya conducts activity-based Storytelling Workshops for children and adults, in Classrooms, Colleges, and Corporate settings.  She uses Storytelling as a powerful tool for Effective Communication, Ensuring Employability, and Enriching Human Lives; for Enabling Personal Success, Self Confidence, and Self Expression; for Language Learning and Cross-cultural Trainings; and for helping people to develop Creativity in general, as well as in fields such as Music, Dance, Literature, and Advertising and Branding.


Ms Lavanya's bio-data is at http://indianstorytellingnetwork.org/Chennai.html#Lavanya .


Information about Ms Lavanya's work is at https://kathakshetra.wordpress.com/about-lavanya .


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Dr Gita Jangid earned a PhD from the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad, now known as the English and Foreign Language University

( http://efluniversity.ac.in ).  Her PhD dissertation is titled, "Language Development through Storytelling". 


An interview with Dr Gita is at

http://nutspace.in/interview-dr-gita-jangid-phd-language-development-stories .


Dr Gita's paper, "Whole Language, Story Reading, and Children's Writing", is at http://storytellinginstitute.org/133.pdf .


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Dr Eric Miller is the Founder-Director of the World Storytelling Institute ( http://storytellinginstitute.org ), which is based in Chennai. 


Dr Eric is also the Director of the Chennai Storytelling Festival ( http://storytellinginstitute.org/2017.html ).  Chennai Storytelling Festival 2017 is the 5th annual edition of the Festival. 


Dr Eric's paper on "Ways Verbal Play such as Storytelling and Word-games Can Be Used for Teaching-and-learning Languages" is at http://storytellinginstitute.org/2015a.pdf .


His PhD dissertation on Children’s Songs/ Chants/ Dances/ Games and Language Learning (Folklore Program, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA) is at http://storytellingandvideoconferencing.com/280.html .


Dr Eric’s personal website is

http://storytellingandvideoconferencing.com .


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