Chennai Storytelling Festival 2014

occurred on 7-9 Feb 2014


This webpage features

links to recordings of the webcasts

of some of the Workshops.

(On Day 3, people participated

in both Workshops

via videoconference.)




The CSF 2014 Workshop schedule is here.

Photos are here.

An article about the Festival is here.

Additional info about the Festival is here.




Much of the audio in the below-mentioned recordings is not very clear.  Running the sound out of one's computer via a cable into an external speaker might make these recordings more listenable.


Soon I would be posting on this page some ideas regarding how the audio and video could be improved when using this kind of technology.


The CSF 2014 Workshops not mentioned here either were not recorded due to some human or technological error, or the audio or video quality of the recordings were so poor as to make it seem not helpful to make the recordings available.




Day 1:  Friday 7 February 2014  --

(2 hours, 2 minutes).

Opening talks by Dr Premeela Gurumurthy and Susan Perrow.




Day 2:  Saturday 8 February  --

(1 hour, 22 minutes).

Storytelling by Rajammal, Alli, and Arulmozhi.  Translation by Jeeva Raghunath.

(1 hour, 9 minutes).

Storytelling by Rajammal and Alli.  Translation by Jeeva Raghunath.




Day 3:  Sunday 9 February  --

(3 hours, 14 minutes).

Workshop on "Visual Art Therapy, and Storytelling and Healing".  Conducted by Susan Anand.  Lavanya Prasad, a professional storyteller, participated via videoconference from Bangalore.  During the small-group-discussion segment of the Workshop, Ms Lavanya and participants in the hall in Chennai formed a small group: they discussed the puppets they had created, from 1-hour-28-minutes onward.

(2 hours, 41 minutes).

Workshop on "Building a Web of Trust in Storytelling Events".  Conducted by Deepa Kiran (first 30 minutes). 

Then, Workshop on "Creating and Telling Inspirational, Transformative, and Healing Stories".  Conducted by Eric Miller. 

Dhara Kothari, founder of the Katha Kosa storytelling organsation, participated in these Workshops via videoconference from Mumbai.


Note: In the future, I am hoping a split-screen configuration could be used in similar events, so viewers could see both parties (in a two-party videoconference) at the same time.






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Chennai Storytelling Festival,

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