One-on-one Training in Storytelling Therapy

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The training would concern ways stories and storytelling could be used

1) for Therapeutic purposes (overcoming trauma, etc), and/or

2) for Life Coaching and Personality Development (becoming increasingly aware of – and being able to modify – one's personality, behavior, and identity). 


In either case, this would involve exploration of and connection with self, others, and the universe, ideally leading to inner transformations, and to the fulfilling of one’s potential (self-actualisation) in various areas of one’s life. 


This training would teach ways that working with Epics, Fairytales, and other traditional stories could help one to

recognise the power of archetypal elements outside and inside oneself, and put one’s personal experiences into a larger perspective.  Understanding the functioning of archetypal characters and situations within oneself is a way of synchronising the beating of one’s own heart with the rhythm of the cosmos.

(June Singer.  Boundaries of the Soul: The Practice of Jung's Psychology. Garden City, NY, Doubleday.  1972.  pp. 127-8.)


The Storytelling Therapy online library is here.  Trainees read and discuss a few of these writings in the training process.



About the trainer


Dr Eric Miller

(PhD in Folklore, MSc in Psychology)

+91 98403 94282



World Storytelling Institute,

Chennai Storytelling Festival


Assistant Director,

East West Center for Counselling and Training,

Indian Institute of Psychodrama



Indian Storytelling Network


Life Narrative.




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