Helmut Wittman, Storyteller from Austria,
to Perform
European Fairy Tales
at Goethe Institute, Chennai,
on Thurs 24 Nov at 5pm__FREE

World Storytelling Institute

Storyteller Helmut Wittman of Austria will tell European fairy tales.

He will also talk about
"European Fairy Tales -- Their History, Meaning, and Ways in Which
They Serve as Sources of Moral Inspiration for Our Lives",
and will lead a discussion on
"European fairy tales, compared to Indian fairy tales".

Day and Time: Thursday 24 Nov, at 5pm.

Location: Goethe Institute (Rutland Gate 5th St,
near Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Nungambakkam).

This Performance and Talk is recommended for adults,
and children 7-years-old and up.

Admission: FREE.

Language: English.

For additional info, please call 98403 94282.


Helmut Wittman will also be conducting a free
two-session Storytelling Workshop, on
Wed 23 Nov, 4-6pm; and
Thurs 24 Nov, 3-4:30pm. 
Please call for info.


About fairy tales,
https://storytellinginstitute.org/20.html#a .


Four photos of the Storyteller are at
http://tinyurl.com/6f75s5t .

Higher resolution copies of these same photos are at
https://storytellinginstitute.org/Helmut_Wittman__1.jpg .
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About the Storyteller:

Long, long ago,
maybe it happened yesterday,
maybe it happened today ...

That's how Helmut Wittmann starts his stories. Helmut is a
professional storyteller. He is well-known throughout Europe
for telling old fairy tales from the Alps, Austria, Transylvania,
Bohemia, and from many other regions of the old Austrian-Hungarian
Empire in a fascinating way. All of these fairy tales, myths and
legends are hundreds of years old. Their wisdom, cleverness and
wit still impresses children as well as adults.

In Austria, Helmut usually tells the stories in an Austrian
dialect of the German language -- but at this Performance and
Talk in Chennai he will speak in English.

The right atmosphere is very important for listening to a story.
That is why Helmut prefers telling fairy tales in old castles, old
inns or in pleasant places outdoors. He often takes his audience
on a walk through a forest, across alpine pastures, or around a
beautiful lake.

Whenever he tells fairy tales, Helmut has some musicians with him.
On this visit to India, he will be accompanied by Franz Bernegger,
who plays the Bohemian "Bock". That's an old Central European form
of the bagpipe. Some hundred years ago the "Bock" was played all
over Austria, Bohemia and Bavaria for dancing and singing.

The above is from Helmut's website,
http://www.maerchenerzaehler.at (click "English").


Many thanks,

- Eric
98403 94282

Eric Miller, PhD
Director, World Storytelling Institute