Chennai Storytelling Festival 2020

         (7th to 16th Feb 2020)


Hello! This webpage features some documentation

relating to CSF 2020. 


The Festival poster is here.






A photo after Laura Simms' 4-session

Performance Storytelling workshop.





"The Power of Imagination", The Hindu,

Metro Plus section, page 3, 10th Feb 2020. 


This article is about the work of Laura Simms,

who taught a 4-session class on Performance

Storytelling in CSF 2020, on 10th-13th Feb 2020.





The CSF 2020 Videoconference Conversation

occurred on 11th Feb 2020. 

Topic: "Storytelling and Videoconferencing". 

The recording is here (64 minutes).


This is a fine companion to the CSF 2019

Videoconference Conversation. 

Topic: "Living, Thinking, and Telling Mythically". 

The recording is here (78 minutes).





On Thurs 13th Feb 2020, we had a

Seminar on "Ways of Using Storytelling

to Teach Various Subjects". 


Barry Stewart Mann -- in Atlanta, Georgia,

USA – kindly joined us via videoconference

and gave presentations relating to teaching

Math, and teaching about "Restorative



Regarding the latter topic, Barry told a

Tamil folk tale, "The Fish Brother," and

then led us in a wonderful role-play

relating to the story. 


Barry begins telling the story at 34:00.

The role-play process begins at 38:45,

and continues to the end of the recording

at 52:00.


The recording is here.


(Note: Zoom was used for all CSF 2019

2020 videoconferences.)






Info about some upcoming Storytelling

trainings -- in-person in Chennai, and

via videoconference -- being offered

by CSF director, Dr Eric Miller, is here.






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