Date: 27 Jan 2020



This webpage provides links to material related to the CSF 2020 Workshop on "Storytelling for Counselling and Coaching".


This Workshop is scheduled to occur at the Social Work Dept of Stella Maris College (on Cathedral Road), on Wed 12th Feb 2020, 1:30pm-3:30pm. 


College students would be the primary trainees in this Workshop. 


If you might like to attend this Workshop as an observer, please give me (Eric Miller) a call (at 98403 94282).


Apologies -- there would be no videoconference for this event.



The facilitators of the CSF 2020 edition of this Workshop on "Storytelling for Counselling and Coaching" would be myself (Eric Miller) and possibly 2 other people (not yet finalised)


Next year (CSF 2021), we are planning many more Storytelling-related Workshops, facilitated by many people.  For additional info about this, please inquire.



Material on this topic that has been sent in by various Festival participants is here.


Many thanks!  Please send more!



Material related to the upcoming (CSF 2020) edition of the Workshop on "Storytelling for Counselling and Coaching" that has been supplied by facilitators of the CSF 2020 edition of Workshop includes:




The 8 steps of the form of Storytelling Therapy that I am helping to develop are given here.


These steps are also mentioned on the handout for last year's CSF 2019 Workshop on this topic.




By the way -- aspects of the Storytelling Therapy method could be used for Psychological Counselling, Life Coaching, Mentoring, and Facilitating Personality Development and Healing.




"Some Notes and Possible Activities" in a Workshop on Storytelling Therapy are here.  This webpage features discussion of Metaphors, and Animal Fables.




The arts often involve the use of metaphors.  In a sense, art is metaphor.  Thus, Metaphor Therapy is a key aspect of the arts therapies.  A fine discussion of this approach is on the wiki page for Metaphor Therapy.




The East West Center for Counselling and Training (of which I am the Assistant Director) has for the past 9 years co-offered (with Women's Christian College) a one-year Diploma Course in Expressive Arts Therapy (EAT).  EAT involves the therapeutic use of all of the arts, including storytelling, in an integrated manner.  I usually teach the 3-day Storytelling Therapy module in this course. 


Notes and links I have gathered for the students in this year's edition of this course are here.


Included on this webpage is a link to 2 sample Healing Stories.




I also teach an 11-session course on Storytellling Therapy via videoconference.  This course meets for 11 consecutive Wednesdays, 7pm-8:30-pm.  The next edition of the course is scheduled to begin soon after CSF 2020 woud complete.


Course details -- including more info about Storytellling Therapy -- are here.




Links to numerous writings (by myself and others) relating to Storytelling Therapy are here.



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