Date: 27 Jan 2020



This webpage provides links to material related to the CSF 2020 Workshop on "Storytelling for Teaching-and-learning Languages" (especially English).


This Workshop is scheduled to occur at the NKT College of Education (on Dr Besant Road, Triplicane), on Wed 12th Feb 2020, 10am to 12noon. 


College students would be the primary trainees in this Workshop. 


If you might like to attend this Workshop as an observer, please give me (Eric Miller) a call (at 98403 94282).


Apologies -- there would be no videoconference for this event.



The facilitators of the CSF 2020 edition of the Workshop on "Storytelling for Teaching-and-learning Languages" would be 1) Srividya Veeraraghavan, 2) Kanaga R., 3) Shital N., 4) Banumathy H., and 5) myself (Eric Miller).


Next year (CSF 2021), we are planning many more Storytelling-related Workshops, facilitated by many people.  For additional info about this, please inquire.



Material on this topic that has been sent in by various Festival participants is here.


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Material related to the upcoming (CSF 2020) edition of the Workshop on "Storytelling for Teaching-and-learning Languages" that has been supplied by facilitators of the CSF 2020 edition of Workshop includes:




1) Workshop Handout (from CSF 2019).


2) Workshop Notes.




Activity 1 -- A Sentence and Drills

Take one sentence and work with it in the following ways --

Substitution drills (change subjectobjecttense).

Transformation drills

(statement [may, might, could, should, would, will], questioncommand).

Accumulation drills

(add an adjective to describe a thing [noun or pronoun]; add an adverb to describe an action [a verb]).


Activity 2 -- Vocabulary and Grammar.

A) Vocabulary: Fill in the blank --

Compose a sentence that ends with one of the words.

B) Vocabulary: Puns --

Compose a sentence that includes both words.

(And tongue-twisters, just for fun.)

C) Grammar: Using Contractions --

Write/say it with and without the contraction.

D) Grammar: Subject and Verb --

They have to match, singular or plural.


Activity 3 -- Children's singing-games Featuring,

1) Repetition with variation.

2) Physical action.

3) Questions and answers.

4) Role-playing.


Activity 4 -- Some Popular Questions

What is your name?

Where are you from?

What are you doing today?

What are you doing?  (Studying, Working, etc?)

Where are you going?

What do you want?

What are you thinking about?

Other speech used in situations that often come up in daily life.




Activity 5 -- Characters and Speech

"Three Little Pigs".

"I'll huff and puff and blow your house down."  

Repetition is in the sentence, and also the situation and sentence is repeated 3 times.


A story, "Lost in a Forest of Words".


Speech by Characters:

Statements and conversations by various characters.


Story characters could have unique attitudes (tones, emotions, etc), which could be expressed in their speech.  A character's speech could be,



words slurred together / words distinct.

formal / informal language.

contractions / no contractions.


3) A recording the videoconference of the CSF 2019 edition of this Workshop (which occurred on Fri 8th Feb 2019) is here (88 minutes).



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