Chennai Storytelling Festival 2023

Fri 3rd to Sun 26th Feb 2023


Festival theme: Storytelling and

Growing, Maturing, Gaining Freedom from

Oppression, Teaching and Learning, Playing,

Creating, Transforming, and/or Healing

in Individuals and Groups --

and the Healing of the Environment."


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Festival Schedule.



65 Workshops

(in alphabetical order, by the

first name of the Workshop Leader,

or the name of an organisation).


1) "Storytelling as a Conduit for Growing

through Grief".

Aaron Conklin (Missouri).


2) "Create a Healing Fairytale".

Allison Quaid (Germany).


3) "Animating a Story with Gestures, Sounds,

and Humour". 

Ambujavalli N. (Chennai).


4) "Creative Ways to Build Stories". 

Amrita Chauhan (Jaipur).


5) "Maximising One's Storytelling Space:

Ways to Make Best Use of One's Offline or

Online Space to Deliver a Good Performance"

Annapoorani Barani (Chennai).


6) "Exploring Stories through Dramatic Activities".

Anuradha Rohra (Mumbai).


7) "Storytelling for Sustainability".

Aparna Athreya (Bangalore).


8) "Storytelling and Autism". 

Audra Sisak (Washington State).

Shivani Dhillion (Chandigarh).

Banumathy H. (Chennai).         


9) "Teaching Language through Storytelling,

Including Finger-play Storytelling, and

Making and Using Paper Puppets".

Banumathy H. (Chennai).


10) "Using Roleplay to Explore Decision-

making in Folktales".

Barry Stewart Mann (Georgia, USA).


11) "Improvised Group-storytelling".

Bruce Kirchoff (North Carolina).


12) "Intercultural Storytelling for Social


Cheryl Hamilton (Massachusetts).


13) "The Story of Saṃ-Sārā: Participatory

Fiction to Revisit Social Imaginaries".

Chitra Chandrashekhar (Chennai).


14) "Celebrating Cultural Diversity through


David Heathfield (UK).

Amna Burki (Manitoba, Canada).


15) "The Forest as a Metaphor in Traditional

Stories, Especially in Indian Mythology".

 Debjani Bhaduri (Chennai).


16) "Reflecting on Folktales as Tools for

Telling, Transformation, and Learning". 

Denise McCormack (New Jersey).


17) "Storytelling for Parents and Their

Young Teenagers".

Dharithri Krishnamurthy (Pune).


18) "Applying an Updated Version of

the Hero/Heroine Journey Model to 

the Healing Process and One's Life".

Elisa Pearmain (Massachusetts).


19) "Organic Storytelling". 

Gail Herman (Massachusetts).


20) "Discovering One's Spirit

Animal in Indian Folklore and

Sacred Literature".

Gayatri Kashyap (Chennai).

Rachna Chowla (Mumbai).

Apoorva Dheekaw (New Delhi).


21) "Finding Meaning and Purpose

through Storytelling".

Geetanjali Shetty Kaul (Mumbai).


22) "Improvisation in Storytelling".

Giorgiana Elena Popan (Romania). 


23) "Music in Storytelling".

Heather Forest (New York).


24) "Letting the Audience In: Sharing

Difficult Personal Narrative Stories

That Combine Pathos and


Howard Lieberman (Minnesota).


25) "Storytelling and Imaginative


Imran Ali Namazi (Chennai).


26) "Embodying the Heart of Story

and Song: Inside Our Process".

Jackson Gillman (Massachusetts).

Galen Brandt (New Jersey).      


27) "Personal Transformation in the

Process of Storytelling: Working with

Therapeutic Stories". 

Jasmina Žiljak Ilinčić (Croatia).


28) "Storytelling and Poetry: Rainwater

Words and the Thunder of Myth". 

Jay Leeming (New York).


29) "Rock the Zoom! -- Storytelling


Jeff Gere (Hawaii).


30) "Creating Stories that Matter". 

Jennifer Munro (Connecticut).


31) "Story Medicine: Working Creatively

with Fairy Tales and Story Arte". 

Jennifer Ramsay (Spain).


32) "Freeing Your Instrument So

Your Story Can Soar".

Judy England-McCarthy (New Jersey).


33) "Re-authoring Sustaining Stories". 

Lani Peterson (Massachusetts).


34) "The Yoga of Engaged Storytelling".

Laura Simms (New York).


35) "Lullabies and Storytelling: Where

Lore Meets Love and Hope". 

Lavanya Prasad (Bangalore).


36) "Psychodrama, Dreams, and Story".

Magdalene Jeyarathnam (Chennai).


37) "Painting Images with Words:

Enriching Our Storytelling by Exploring

the Art of Hungarian Oral Tradition".

Maja Bumberák (Hungary).


38) "Bringing Stories from Around the

World to Local Readers and Listeners".

Maricris Basto (Philippines).


39) "Stories for Science Education".

Martin Ellrodt (Germany).


40) "Storytelling in Relation to ADHD

(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)".

Mary Kuttikadan (Mumbai). 

Kanagadurga Ramesh (Chennai).

Shital Ravi (Mumbai).


41) "The Story Well: Diving Deep for

Meaningful Stories". 

Mary Louise Chown (Manitoba, Canada).


42) "Ways of Dramatising Storytelling".

MAST (Madras Association of Storytellers).

Geethanjali Javed (Chennai).

Mohan Krishnan (Chennai).

R. Padma (Chennai).

Renu Mira (Chennai).

Shifa Mustafa (Chennai).

Zarin Maraikayar (Chennai).


43) "Using Stories for Social-emotional

Learning: Unlocking Social-emotional

Learning with Stories". 

Meera Venkatesan (Bangalore).

Parvathy Eswaran (Bangalore).


44) "The Healing Temples of Folktales".

Minnesota Folktale Gardening Club,

including Cris Anderson (Minnesota).


45) "Transforming through Trauma:

Ways Stories Can Help One to Heal

from Trauma and Grief".

Nandini Murali (Chennai).


46) "Biodanza and Storytelling". 

Paula Martin (Argentina).


47) "Storytelling for Healing Hearts".

Radhieka (Chennai, India).


48) "Kamishibai Storytelling". 

Ramya Srinidhi (Bangalore).


49) "Bringing the Tales We Carry

in Our Memories into the Stories

We Tell Today". 

Regina Ress (New Mexico).


50) "Creating Stories for Teaching". 

Renu Narayan (Chennai).


51) "Finding the Hidden Stories You

Need to Tell". 

Robin Bady (New York).


52) "Bringing Alive Indian Mythology". 

Samatha Sharma (Chennai).


53) "Business Storytelling". 

The flyer is here.

Shan Shanmugasundaram (Chennai).


54) "The Art of Immersive Storytelling

through Mime and Ventriloquism".

Shyama Shridharan (Chennai).


55) "The Body as an Aide in Storytelling

and Expression". 

Smita Rajan (Mumbai).


56) "Are You Mindful or Mindfull?

Let's Decode the Art of Storytelling,

and Mindfulness (Version 3.0)"

Sonia Bareja (Portugal).

Simran Nagwani (Mumbai).


57) "Mandala Life Story". 

Sowmya Srinivasan (Coimbatore).


58) "Various Methods of Storytelling,

and Activities Listeners Could Do

After Storytellings".

Springboard Tales --

Ambujavalli N. (Chennai). 

Banumathy H. (Chennai, Coimbatore).

Kaanchan Prashanth (Chennai).

Pretigaya Haran (Chennai).

Priya Palanikumar (Chennai).


59) "Stories and Self through Tibetan Literature,

Especially Appreciating the Contributions of

Guru Rinpoche".

Sristi Sengupta (Kolkata).


60) "How to Find Stories in Your Backyard

and Prepare Them for Telling". 

Sudha Umashanker (Chennai).


61) "Ways Storytelling can Impact Brain

Development in the First Three Years of Life

in Relation to Cognitive, Social-Emotional,

and Language Development".

The flyer is here.

Surekha Dey (Wayanad).


62) "Lighting the Way Forward: Creating

Imaginative Story Journeys to Address

Environmental and Global Crises"

Susan Perrow (Australia).


63) "Parallel Narratives: Using Metaphor

and Magic to Transform Life Stories".

Trish Denton (Vermont, USA).


64) "Storytelling of an Indigenous People of 

the Moana (Pacific) Ocean Area – Introducing

MANA (Spiritual Power) and PE’E (Chant)".

Tuaratini (New Zealand).


65) "Churning – Within and Around:

Working with Stories about Courageous

Women Who Challenged Tradition". 

Usha Venkatraman (Mumbai, India).







Three Hybrid storytelling events --

We would gather physically at sites in Chennai,

and people could also join the session via Zoom.


The titles of the stories to be told are here.


Goethe Institute (Chennai), Sat 11th Feb.

1) Pretigaya Haran (Chennai).  4:30pm India time.   

2) Britta Wilmsmeier (Germany).  4:50pm India time.  12:20pm Germany time.

3) Annapoorani Barani (Chennai).  5:10pm India time.

4) Lalitha Thilak (Chennai).  5:30pm India time.

5) Marina Maria Granlund (Sweden).  5:50pm India time.  1:20pm Sweden time.

6) Jasmina Žiljak Ilinčić (Croatia).  6:10pm India time.  1:40pm Croatia time.


Anna Centennial Library (Chennai), Sun 19th Feb.

1) Srividya Veeraraghavan (Chennai).  11am India time.

2) Wangari Grace (Kenya).  11:20am India.  8:50am Kenya time.

3) Thenmozhi S. (Chennai).  11:40am India time.

4) Vithya Dhanaraj (Chennai).  Noon India time.

5) Renu Narayan (Chennai).  12:20pm India time.

6) Nilguen Yalay (New Zealand).  12:40pm India.  8:10pm New Zealand time.


British Council (Chennai), Sat 25 Feb.

1) Sally Pomme Clayton (UK).  4:30pm India.  11am UK time.

2) Sudha Umashanker (Chennai).  4:50pm India time.

3) Ambujavalli N. (Chennai).  5:10pm India time. 

4) Debjani Bhaduri (Chennai).  5:10pm India time.

5) Tim Sheppard (UK).  5:30pm India.  Noon UK time.

6) Geethanjali Javed (Chennai).  5:50pm India time. 

7) Angela Halvorsen Bogo (Norway).  6:10pm India.  1:40pm Norway time.






Laura Simms (New York),

"She Who Brings Peace to the World".



Meenakshi Devaraj (Chennai).

"Stories from the Sangam Age".



Robin Bady (New York),

"No, We Won't Shut Up!"



Jackson Gillman (Massachusetts),

Open-mic: Nature Stories.






Sree Karuna (Vishakapatnam).

Lakshmi V (Bangalore).

Anitha Ranjit (Kochi).

Sonia Bareja (Portugal).

Sudha Umashanker (Chennai).

Lavanya Srinivas (Chennai).


ISHN (Indian Storytellers Healing Network).

Healing Story Circle.

Starting at

5pm (India time), Sun 5th Feb.

6:30am (Canada and USA Eastern time), Sun 5th Feb.

Ramya Iyer (Bangalore).

Poonam Joshy (Bangalore).

Jyoti Pande (Bhopal).

Geetanjali Shetty Kaul (Mumbai). 

Sowmya Srinivasan (Coimbatore).


MAST (Madras Association of Storytellers).


            "Ways of Dramatising Storytelling".

Day and Time: To be announced.

Geethanjali Javed (Chennai). 

Zarin Maraikayar (Chennai).

Thenmozhi S. (Chennai).

Mohan Krishnan (Chennai).

Shifa Mustafa (Chennai).

R. Padma (Chennai).