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(Friday 7th

to Sunday 16th

February 2020)


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Ms Laura Simms,

Storyteller and Educator,

would be the

Visiting Co-host of CSF 2020

(the 8th annual edition of the CSF)


In CSF 2020 --


Ms Laura would be giving


A performance for children

(older people would

also be welcome)

on Sun 9th Feb, at 11am,


A performance for adults 

on Thurs 13th Feb, at 6pm.


Ms Laura would be teaching a

4-session Class for adults

on "Performance Storytelling".


Info about Class timings,

location, and fees

is here,


Info about Class topics

is here


One of the books

Ms Laura has authored is

Our Secret Territory:

The Essence of Storytelling


Ms Laura can be seen/heard

speaking in the recording of the

CSF 2019 Videoconference

(6 Feb 2019),

Laura speaks at

2:50 to 7:00.

9:45 to 16:45.

 67:10 to 69:20 .





Ms Laura Simms ( ) is a living legend.  She is a (USA) national and global treasure. 


Ms Laura is one of the founders, and continues to be one of the leaders, of the Global Storytelling Revival, which took shape in the early 1970s (almost 50 years ago).


Ms Laura is known for brilliant psychological insight into 1) the process of the storytelling event, 2) connections between tellers and the stories they tell, 3) as well as into stories.


She performs worldwide, telling myths, fairytales, and personal-experience stories, for listeners of all ages.


When Ms Laura tells stories and conducts storytelling workshops, "every word coming out of her mouth is as clear as the ringing of a bell" (said by one of her students, Dr Eric Miller).


Her work and presence represents wonderful aspects of USA culture, exemplifying art that is communicative, beautiful, and useful.


Ms Laura is a performer, writer, and educator who advocates for storytelling as compassionate action for personal and community improvement and development.


One of Ms Laura's specialties is assisting workshop participants to construct compelling personal transformational stories, with traditional tales as templates.  Using mindfulness practices that uncover and utilize feelings and thoughts about what is occurring in and around participants, she helps participants create imaginative stories.  This work includes contemplative exercises, story listening, creative writing, drawing, and telling and discussing in pairs and small groups.


Ms Laura has been a leading member of the Healing Story Alliance (a special-interest-group of the USA's National Storytelling Network) for many years.  Her work often involves working with symbols and characters to transform aggression into compassion -- in story and perhaps also in tellers' and listeners' lives.


She is also a member of the Therapeutic Arts Alliance of Manhattan, and has conducted workshops for the annual Seminar on Fairytale Therapy in Sintra, Portugal.


Ms Laura has worked with school teachers and students throughout her career.  She also works with faculty and students in colleges and universities.


Laura Simms is the Founder-Director of the Center for Engaged Storytelling, and is the Artistic Director of the Hans Christian Andersen Storytelling Center -- both in NYC.


She has been a Senior Research Fellow for the International Peace Institute (Rutgers University, Newark, New Jersey), under the auspices of UNESCO.


She has taught at the University of Utah, and is a consultant for Eastern Tennessee State University’s Cancer Stories Project and for numerous foundations and non-profit organizations working in post-disaster and conflict situations.


Ms Laura is acclaimed by the global storytelling community, and naturally serves as a spokesperson for storytelling, presenting keynote addresses and workshops in conferences, villages, schools, universities, and community events.


She recently appeared at the Peace Summit (Newark, New Jersey), and the Conference on World Peace and Values (Monterrey, Mexico).


Ms Laura has received the Brimstone Award for Engaged Storytelling, the CHOICE award for Best Story Collection, and Sesame Street’s Sunny Days Award for work with children worldwide.


In 2011 she received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the USA's National Storytelling Network.


One of the books Laura has authored is Our Secret Territory: The Essence of Storytelling.



Laura Simms' approach to storytelling is permeated and enriched by her longtime involvement with a form of Tibetan Buddhism known as Shambhala.  She is a senior Shambhala meditation teacher.


Shambhala, founded by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, includes,

* Contemplative Art (integrating art and culture with everyday life),

* Shambhala Art (art that occurs through clear perception and expression),

* Dharma Art (meditation in action; working with social action, healing, and education).



Some of Laura's notes about storytelling, and additional descriptions of her past and ongoing projects, are at and at the rest of .









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