________World Storytelling Institute E-Newsletter,

__________________Sept 2023 edition



Workshop on
"Psychodrama and Fairytales: Discovering the Stories Within".
In Chennai (off-line), on 20th Wed, 21st Thurs, 22nd Fri Sept 2023. 
Additional info is here.
Workshops in
Psychodrama and (Traditional Stories of any Culture)"
are available via Zoom, or off-line at the location of your choice.

In these workshops,
* Ms Magdalene Jeyarathnam (director, Indian Institute of Psychodrama, 
and East West Center for Counselling and Training) is the Psychodramatist.  Magdalene's TED Talk on Pychodrama is here.
* Dr Eric Miller (director, World Storytelling Institute), would tell and lead 
discussions about the stories.  Eric's notes on Fairytales are here.

One-on-one training in Storytelling Therapy 
(also useful for Life Coaching and facilitating Personal Growth).
Via Zoom, or off-line in Chennai.
Working with traditional stories of the trainee's culture.
Facilitated by Dr Eric.
Additional info is here.

Storytelling Workshop for adults.

10 two-hour sessions on Sundays, via Zoom.

The upcoming edition begins on 1st Oct.
Each participant chooses and tells 
1) an Animal Fable, 
2) a Fairytale, 
3) an episode from an Epic, 
4) a Personal-experience story, and
5) an Original Creative story.
Focusing on ways of making up stories, 
and the Candid Style of storytelling.

Facilitated by Dr Eric.
Additional info is here.  


From past editions of the newsletter:

Chennai Storytelling Map.
The WSI has created a map of 
Professional Storytellers in Chennai.
The Chennai Storytelling Map is here.
Lists of Neighborhoods and Storytellers 
on the Map are here.

Links to favorite Animal Fables, Fairytales, and 

other Traditional Stories (written in natural language) 

are here.

The "Words from the Forest" movie project.
"Words from the Forest" is the title of a screenplay
that Dr Eric has written for an (English language)
fictional feature movie (with song and dance) which 
would be shot mostly in the forest mountains of 
southwestern Tamil Nadu.  A summary of the 
screenplay is here.



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