Chennai Storytelling Festival 2016

(Fri 5 to Sun 14 Feb)



Here is the Festival Poster, as jpg and pdf.


Highlights of the Festival include,


At Dr MGR-Janaki College (in R A Puram) --


*  A day of free Storytelling Workshops for College Students, on Fri 12 Feb.  Info is here.



*  2 days of Storytelling Workshops for Adults, on Sat 13 and Sun 14 Feb.  Info is here.



* 5 evenings of Storytelling Performances!  7 Storytellers each evening!  Info is here. 


(The final 3 evenings would occur at Dr MGR-Janaki College on Fri 12, Sat 13, and Sun 14 Feb, at 4:30pm each day.)


* Please click here for info about -- and a link to a recording of -- the Festival's videoconference discussion about "Ways Storytelling can be a form of Communication, and the Storytelling Revival today" (Tues 9 Feb).


* Media coverage of CSF 2016.





CSF 2016 is the 4th annual Chennai Storytelling Festival.


The Festival Guest Co-host this year is Ms Ruth Stotter.


The themes of this edition of the Festival are:


Storytelling for Communication -- between Cultures, between People, and within People.  Including topics such as:  Travel.  Tourism.  Translation.  "Journey" and "Path" as metaphors for life.  Visiting other lands and worlds.  Discovery and Exploration of the other, and of the self.




The Big Rain of Nov/Dec 2015.





Info about recommended hotels -- with the possibility of sharing rooms -- is here.





For additional Festival-related info, and to register for events:


(Chennai) 98403 94282





Documentation of the first 3 editions of the Festival -- CSF 2013, 2014, and 2015 -- is here.