Chennai Storytelling Festival 2016


Workshops on Fri 12 Feb -- for College Students --

at Dr MGR-Janaki College





9:30am, Welcome Session, Main Auditorium.

4pm, Closing Words, Main Auditorium.





A) Morning Session: 10am-12:30pm --

"Storytelling Basics".


Participants would form groups of approx 20.


Workshop Leaders (each leading a separate Section) --

1) Alvin Raja.

2) Debjani Badhuri.

3) Eric Miller.

4) Indu Divya.

5) Lavanya Prasad (based in Bangalore).

6) Lavanya Srinivas.

7) Mohan K.

8) Pretigaya Haran.

9) Ruth Stotter (based in California, USA).

10) Sandhya Ruban.

11) Shan K.



B) Afternoon Session: 1:30pm-4pm --

Elective Specialised Workshops.


Participants could join one of these:


1) "Storytelling for Teaching-and-Learning the English Language" --

Daniel Joseph.


2) "Storytelling for Soft-skills, Life-skills, and Emotional Intelligence" --

Debarati Banerjee (based in Hyderabad).


3) "Storytelling for Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship: Making Business Personal" --

Indu Divya.


4) "Storytelling and Leadership" --

Lavanya Prasad (based in Bangalore).


5) "Storytelling for Personal Success" --

Lavanya Srinivas.


6) "Storytelling as a Medium for Tactful Business Communication" --

Mohan K.


7) "Storytelling for Future Teachers" --

Sandhya Ruban.


8) "Storytelling and Interpersonal Communication" (a Life Skill) --

Shan K.


9) "Ways to Help Children Tell Stories" --

Sheetal N.


10) "Finding and Crafting Our Identity Stories, and Stories of the Self" --

Sowmya Srinivasan and Aparna Athreya (based in Bangalore).


11) "Storytelling and Tourism" --

Sudha Umashanker.


12) "Storytelling and Story-writing for Finding and Expressing One's Mission in Life" --

Vineeta Sood (based in Bangalore).



Admission: Free

Registration fee: Rs 50 per student


Lunch would not be provided. 

However, lunch could be purchased on-site.



For Enquiries and to Register:

98403 94282



Supported by Chennai Storytellers


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