Reviews of

Storytelling Therapy training

in 8 one-hour one-on-one sessions

provided by Dr. Eric Miller

(PhD in Folklore, MSc in Psychology),

Director, World Storytelling Institute.


1) Review, April-May 2021.

2) Review, June-July 2021.

3) Review, July-August 2021.




Review by a person who underwent the

training in April-May 2021 --


The Storytelling Therapy sessions with Dr. Eric Miller were in many ways a first for me.  I started the sessions with a view to experience healing therapy and by the end I feel equipped to revisit memories invoking pain or hurt, and deal with them in ways that are cathartic.  The steps of the therapy sessions, devised scientifically, helped introspection while the act of writing down incidents and feelings of the past and present was liberating.  It was also a huge learning experience in terms of the articles, stories, research papers, and videos shared and discussed.  Ideally, I would recommend each of us go through this process sooner rather than later in life to be able to heal and grow joyfully.




Review by a person who underwent the

training in June-July 2021 --


I greatly benefited from the experiential Storytelling Therapy training.  We tell narratives about ourselves, to ourselves and to the world.  This training enabled me to create a positive, transformative narrative in contrast to my earlier self-defeating version that I was projecting myself onto.  It was an empowering experience.  I appreciate and extend my gratitude to Dr Eric for walking me through this wonderful transformation.




Review by a person who underwent the

training in July-August 2021 --


I joined the Storytelling Therapy course with an aim to change my inner narrative.  I had a very harsh inner critic whose unforgiving comments really contaminated my mental space.  Dr. Eric Miller is a very genuine human being and a perceptive counsellor and that was a blessed combination to have in my corner.  His method of therapy is very simple and the effectiveness of the therapy lies in that simplicity. 


Each live session was followed by an assignment that brought out a tremendous shift in my perspective.  This helped me to silence the negative mental chatter and to look inwards with a more analytical frame of mind.  By bringing out a stronger and clearer narrative, I learned to read my thoughts with clarity.  The best imagery I can come up here is, Storytelling Therapy, by turning on the light made me realise how much darkness had subdued my innate sense of living. 


The excitement of unlearning and relearning about myself resulted in some very lengthy emails to Dr Miller but he would patiently read both my emails and the attached file of assignments and give relevant feedback.  His personal observations as much as the insights gained from the therapy itself were excellent scaffolding for building a stronger and clearer inner dialogue for me.  I went to therapy confused and came out focussed and determined.  It's not a small transformation.  The entire course is designed to make one think clearly and supply one with the tools necessary to navigate towards a successful future, be it personal or professional.




Additional info about the training is here.